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How to make your jeans last

Expand the lifetime of your dreamy denim


Denim as a material is quite amazing. Each pair of jeans are unique when you start wearing them. They become personalized, due to the softness of the material, and eventually, they will shape after your body. You kind of have to break them in, just like a nice pair of leather shoes. This means they will always look good on you and they will essentially be your own personal pair like they were customized just for you!


To wash or not to wash?
There are plenty of advice out there on how to take care of your jeans, some are good, some are a little questionable and some even say you should never, ever wash your jeans! There is no doubt that denim as a material is delicate, but if you wash it with care you can say hello to an everlasting denim love story.


We recommend you wash your jeans rarely, ideally once every few months. This might seem not sound like a lot but trust us, you will see the difference! A good pair of jeans that you wear regularly do not need to be washed in a washing machine every week. Actually, the longer you wait before you wash a new pair of jeans will just make them look better. The indigo dye used to color jeans will wear off in the places you make natural creases as a result of daily wear. It’s the little things you do daily that make them look even more stunning and eventually make your jeans unique!

How to wash jeans
Now, you might ask yourself “what if my jeans get dirty?” or “how do I wash them?”. Fear not, we have gathered a few tips and tricks for you.


If your jeans do not have any stains on them, airdrying them outside is a good trick to keep them fresh. Some of our jeans are decorated with delicate details such as embroidery, sequins or tape, which makes them even more vulnerable to a washing machine. You can still wash them but take some necessary precautions if you want the details and denim to last.

Here’s how to do it
Always wash in cold water!
Turn them inside out
Run a gentle or delicate cycle on the machine
Optional: Add a tablespoon of salt to the water to help set the dye
Always wash new jeans on their own to prevent colour transferring
Air-dry in the shade to expand the life of your denim dream
There you have it. It’s all about laundry habits. Use your jeans, wash them delicately, handle them with care, and make them last for years.

Looking for your next everlasting denim love?

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Tips by Mos Mosh

Pre-Spring 2020!

Hi guys,

We have that new season feeling and are so happy to see those gorgeous fresh colours arriving in store! We are giving you a sneak peek of what you can start lusting after for pre-Spring 2020!

Shop them online soon!

Sally River Pant Light Blue Stripe
Blake Cole Blazer Dark Blue
Blake Night Blazer Sustainable and Como Night Pant Sustainable

How To Style Collarless Coats | Part I

Hey guys,

I am back with another round of outfits for you but this time I decided to show you all how I would style 5 collarless coats 5 different ways.

Collarless coats are a must for any fashionista out there and that includes me. I love how they transform an outfit and makes them so effortlessly chic. We have 4 gorgeous collarless coats in store and online and we have found 5 different outfits to inspire you and which you can create yourself.

There will be 4 other parts and the first part is with this show stopper.


It’s a bright neon coat with the polka dots reversed on the back. It’s a gorgeous coat to brighten up any outfit and we have kept the brightness in choosing these gorgeous bright coral jeans.

DSC_0016 DSC_0017

We wanted to show how you can tie in any outfit with a scarf. The scarf also has bright colours on it so it really does tie it all in. We kept it simple with the top but it is still interesting due to the fringing in the center.


The items can be found on our online store and we hope that you liked the way we styled this collarless coat. Leave your opinions in the comment box below.



New Stylist Alert

Hey guys,

I don’t know if you have seen her around the store helping out and styling some of you lovely customers but we have a new stylist in our store and her name is Ana.

She is a blogger and personal fashion stylist herself and is fantastic with finding you your perfect outfit. If you are adventurous, however, she’ll come up with outfits that you wouldn’t (and we haven’t) even thought about.

Ana graduated last year with an Honours 2.1 Bachelor of Science Degree in Video and Audio Production in L.I.T and she has always loved fashion and we are so happy to have her and watch her learn and style the way she does.

She has her own blog, Elizabeth’s Beauty, (her middle name is Elizabeth) and it’s amazing. She writes about fashion and a bit of beauty and puts together gorgeous outfits. She is also on Youtube so you can subscribe to her to see what fashion videos she has to inspire you.

She is everywhere on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Polyvore. You should definitely check her out on social media sites.

Don’t be shy and go up to her because you will be well taken care of.


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