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Time To Flaunt It

It is time to embrace our curves ladies and Isabel De Pedro is the lady to help you do that!

She knows how to dress us women and make us feel empowered.

We are in love that she isn’t scared to play with colour and we have a few pieces in store and online that will have you wanting more!

Buy the collection online HERE

Staff Style Morning | II



We had a great style morning and we are so excited for all of you to have as much fun with fashion as we did! I know we have said it before but it truly is the season for fashion.. It’s time to feel and look good.

We honestly can say that we have the most amazing pieces in for the new season. If it is occasion or casual wear you are looking after O’Donnell Boutique is the place to go! Buy online now


New In | The Accessory Edit

Hi guys,

Accessories are ruling our world this #AW15 and it was all on the catwalks at fashion week.

Accessories are the main key to every outfit. A necklace, a bag etc makes an outfit pop. From a plain all black outfit you could add a pop of colour with a fuchsia clutch and stack-able jewelry.

We have two amazing new brands to the store, Chlobo and Natalie B. Coleman. Both have a huuuge following. Fashion bloggers and celebrities are going crazy for Natalie B. Coleman clutches (€215) and Chlobo jewelry (prices start at €40).

Be a trend setter this #AW15

Call us now on 061 415932


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We only have three of the clutches left. They are selling out really fast!

We only have three of the clutches left. They are selling out really fast!

5 Favourite Things | July

I can’t believe it’s August already but…I can’t wait for Autumn/Winter clothes!

(Shop Here)

I have a new post up for you all and I thought since you liked it so much before that I’d let you know my July faves! I have way more but I just wanted to show you my top 5..

First off I wanted to start with a clothing item because, well…I love clothes!


It has to have been my most worn item of my summer wardrobe. I wore this maxi to the beach ( abroad obviously!!!) to work, on nights out and even to my sons birthday party. Throw it on no matter what state the legs are in and you are done! Such easy dressing, which is what summer time should be about.

blog blog1

Bobbie brown shimmer brick compact in Rose.

Because of doing a lot of travelling during the summer, be it buying or holiday, I always try to keep my make up bag to a minimum and that’s why this is such a must-have for me.
It can be used on eyes, cheeks, lips, as a highlighter and I’ve even come up with a few extra uses for it… A shimmer brick is a necessity for every make -up bag.
I particularly love this Rose colour as I have found it takes me through all seasons.

blog3 blog2

Hard to admit this but I have been only recently introduced to gel eyeliner and feel for that reason I had to include it.
I am using it more subtly during the summer months but have already got more confidence and know I’ll be lashing it on now that it is officially autumn. I have tried loads of brands but particularly love this one. The set comes with Black and Sepia Ink and a Mini Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush. It takes a bit of perfecting so all tips are welcome but the results are worth it.


I got this beautiful nail polish as a gift at the start of the summer and it has been in my hand bag ever since because it always on me! The colour is 617 Holiday and it is stunning. It lasts forever and goes with almost everything. Such a great pressie! Love it!


When my whole family decided to host our third annual summer cooking competition the stakes were really high. Having been on the winning team for the two previous years I was feeling determined to make it a three-in-a-row. Foodie magazines became a daily purchase but it was in Delicious that I found my winning recipe. This was possibly the most amazing dessert I have ever made and most importantly it was easy peasy!

Raspberry ripple and pistachio parfait – a genuine crowdpleaser….

That concludes my July faves…what has been your favourites this past month? Comment down below.


Summer Food Lovin’ with Gary O’Hanlon

IMG_5223- Gary

Gary O Hanlon here from VM @ Viewmount House. I’m delighted to bring you the first in a regular series of recipes & Blog posts for O Donnell Boutique. When Elaine first mentioned it to me about doing a wee Blog for her fabulous Boutique I must admit I got nervous. I wasn’t sure how to approach it but in reality there are many parallels between the culinary & fashion worlds.

Presentation of food is all about colour as well as texture.

We are all visual eaters and the first thing that hits you when presented with a plate of food is whether it has that wow factor.

The same goes for a killer outfit.

A designer will need colours, patterns and various fabrics to create the perfect piece so the similarities are there. I can only speak as a Chef but I get ideas for my dishes from all sorts of places. Posters, album covers, tins, the colour scheme on a dress or shirt, so who’s to say a fashion designer doesn’t have the same varied inspirational methods. Maybe they see a plate of food that sparks something inside.

The dish I’ve gone for to kick things off is one that I’ve been cooking for years. This is the ideal weekend breakfast dish to change things up or one to rock out whilst on holidays. Traditionally there are no potatoes in this dish but I’ve added them in because I feel it adds to the flavor. However, if you’re looking to avoid carbs fear not, leaving out the potatoes will just give you a more authentic South American Huevos Rancheroes as the traditional recipe doesn’t call for potatoes, they are just my wee Irish twist. That & the fact I’m a greedy Chef!! The large pan I’ve used in this dish is actually a Paella Pan I picked up for next to nothing one day whilst browsing TK Max. You can simply use a large plate or two or a large platter. I do the cooking in one or two smaller pans anyhow so the serving dish can be whatever you have around the house.

Simply drop it into the middle of the table & let everyone help themselves. I’ve learnt through the years that the American Family style of serving things in bowls & letting people pass them around the table does two things, 1) makes the chef/cooks life easier & 2) creates much more conversation around the table & makes for a better atmosphere around the table.

Huevos Rancheros-Gary

It doesn’t have to be breakfast by the way. Get rid of the men/children in your life for a few hours, squeeze a few oranges, grab some Champagne flutes and add 1 part orange juice to three parts champagne or sparkling wine and you’ve just added some classic Mimosas to the mix also.

For future recipes & Blog posts keep a regular eye on www.codonnell.ie/blog or pop into O’Donnell Boutique where you can grab a copy of my recipes after you’ve pick out a killer outfit.

Happy Cooking

Chef Gary

 Gary’s Huevos Rancheros Recipe



 6 eggs

6 10”flour tortillas

100g sliced jalapenos

1 red chilli

3 scallions

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

2 medium white onions

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

12 baby potatoes, cooked and cut into quarters

2 chorizo sausages

half a bunch of coriander finely chopped

2 tsp paprika


 Slice and sauté the chorizo

When almost cooked add the onion, jalapenos, sliced chilli and peppers

Now add the cooked potato, paprika, season and continue to sauté.

In a large non stick pan add the flour tortilla one by one and heat for approximately 15 seconds on each side.

Repeat for the remaining tortillas.

Add the tomatoes to the potato and chorizo mix and taste. Adjust seasoning.

Add the flour tortilla to the base of a very large oven proof dish.

Spoon on the potato and chorizo mix.

Now crack the eggs onto the mix leaving a space between each one.

Place in a pre- heated oven until the eggs cook.

Sprinkle with fresh coriander and scallions and serve family style.

Styling Work Outfits Recap + Bonus

So lets rewind and take a look at the three work outfits that I styled for you. I hope you liked them all and got great ideas!

Don’t forget you can shop online (click here) with us if you can’t make it in or you can call us on 061 415932.

The first look was the not so typical suit. Which is classy and gorgeous and very fashion forward.



Next was the work outfit for a creative environment which was creative and funky.



The third and final work outfit was one where you can take into the night by just changing a jacket and adding a long necklace.



Let me know what you thought of these three looks and also don’t forget to watch our video with all these looks below! Let me know what you think!



Styling Collarless Coats | Part V

Hey guys,

It’s the last of my styling series with styling Collarless Coats and I hope you will enjoy and love this outfit as we all do in the store!

I’ve decided to pair this stunner of a coat with cobalt blue trousers from Lily and the gorgeous Passport top which has a little bit of that metallic trend going on right now. It’s a good way to incorporate that trend without going over the top.


The coat is divine with it’s monochrome polka dot and it’s a favourite amongst our customers as well as us to be honest. It is also great paired with a bright coloured outfit!


But anyways I decided to brighten it up a bit with these gorgeous Lily trousers as they make the coat stand out even more but to tone it down, yet add an interest to the outfit, I decided to go for a t-shirt, which can be dressed up as well, and this works well with both clothing items.


I went for a heel but you can also wear a pair of flats or brogues with this outfit.



I am in love with this outfit and you can get all of this in the store or online

Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comment box below! Would love to know your opinion.

P.S We have a surprise in store for you tomorrow so do check back and don’t forget!! Here’s a hint (Click HERE)


OOTD | Blush For Me

Hey guys,

I’m hoping you are liking the outfit posts so far. I have another one for you today and even though it’s gloomy out there today I think this would be a gorgeous outfit to counter balance that gloominess.

I had to wear this outfit and it only came in yesterday. The faux leather jacket is so gorgeous and soft so I couldn’t resist and I love the colours on this blouse. I went with brown coloured trousers and it toned it down a bit but you can definitely wear a white trouser or a jean to make it more casual.

IMG_6750 IMG_6751 IMG_6752 IMG_6753 IMG_6754



So in love with this outfit! Don’t forget you can find it in store.

Let me know what you think of the outfit.



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