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Have you already discovered our new outdoor trends?

What to wear with winter jackets and coats

Year in year out, the coldest season is always a fashion playground for winter jackets and coats. 

Made of warm wool material, quilted or filled with ultra warm down, they are must-have companions on cold winter days. 

With cosy faux fur lining the hoods and large, chic pockets for icy hands, they promise a first-class look without fail.  

PM or call us on (061) 415-932. We post out πŸ“¬

Zohara bags

Handcrafted luxury leather handbags designed in Northern Ireland.



Available to purchase in store or online!

Ready for businness

These looks make for a first-class appearance!

Autumn/Winter 2019 is here

Hi guys,

Autumn/Winter is well and truly here! So are our amazing new collections!

Everything from casual to occasion wear we have major key pieces that you need RIGHT NOW!

Here are some of what you can find in store and online!

Chamonix AW 14-15

Furs..furs and more furs…

Chamonix new aw14 collection just oozes luxury and style. The good thing is, is that they are faux fur so you can still have chic furs without any poor animal dying because of it.

B783 - B782 (2) chamonix11 B744 rose chamonix3 B712 (2) chamonix10 B713 chamonix9 B740chamonix6 B703 honey chamonix2 B746 fox chamonix4


As you can see for yourself there is just luxury oozing out of each piece. Also another plus is you’ll definitely be warm. You can wear this with any dress you might have and just make it even more glamorous than it is with any piece from the Chamonix AW14 collection. We can’t wait till these come into the store!

Let me know what you think.


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