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Have you already discovered our new outdoor trends?

What to wear with winter jackets and coats

Year in year out, the coldest season is always a fashion playground for winter jackets and coats. 

Made of warm wool material, quilted or filled with ultra warm down, they are must-have companions on cold winter days. 

With cosy faux fur lining the hoods and large, chic pockets for icy hands, they promise a first-class look without fail.  

PM or call us on (061) 415-932. We post out 📬

Marc Aurel S/S ’19

We are loving our Marc Aurel collection which is arriving in store every week!

Make sure you keep an eye on our online store and if you are around the Limerick area then do pop into the store!

Shop the collection here

Pinning and Winning!

Hi guys,

I know that Pinterest has been around for a while but we are only starting to get really into it! We are just finding it so inspiring and we hope to inspire you too with our latest #AW15 Mood Board! Let us know what you think and if you have found anything you are in love with right now…we can’t get enough of our latest arrivals and I think you are going to love them as much as we do! Shop online now! Don’t forget we offer free shipping within Ireland!

IMG_6288 IMG_6301 IMG_6366 IMG_6454 IMG_6503 IMG_6571 IMG_6745 IMG_6389

Sneak Peek AW 15/16

If you love Marc Aurel..you will love it even more! Watch this space!

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Marc Aurel AW14

logo-schwarz-rgbPrints, Knits and all around casual chicness is what Marc Aurel’s AW14/15 Collection is all about.

You will be spoiled this coming season and we can’t wait for you to see the new items when they arrive.

If you didn’t know what Marc Aurel, as a brand was about, then here is a little information for you.

Marc Aurel stands for the fashion understanding of today’s woman. Clear lines and attention to detail which is always inspired by international trends. Stylish and always something to excite your fashion taste buds! These four aspects of fashion are always important in their eyes: design, quality, fit and workmanship.

Every material, every stitch and every detail reflects their passion for subtle glamour and individual creativity. This is how the whole team work, feel and think.

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Styling Collarless Coats | Part IV

Hey guys,

I have a stunning off-white collarless coat to show you this time and I have decided to go with print and a little touch of brightness to make the coat and outfit stand out.

I have chosen to pair it with these gorgeous Lily coral and off-white trousers which are just amazing for this season. They are perfect if you want to add a bit of colour to your wardrobe. It’s all about adding colour in the form of scarf and these trousers.

DSC_0047 DSC_0046

Since I decided to compliment the whole outfit with this scarf and bring in some print it is best to keep the top simple and this is a great top to make any outfit. It can be worn tucked in on one side as you can see here or left out if you want.

The scarf has a gorgeous print and the coral colour running through it ties in the whole  outfit together.

The trousers are one of those trousers which you will feel comfortable and also will mould to your shape in time.



The trousers and coat can be bought online here and the the top and scarf can be bought by phone (35361415932) or you should pop into the shop if you can! We offer a 7 day full refund without hassle.

Let me know what you think of the outfit.


Get to know us

Hey guys,

Elaine here, apologies for our absence but we have been busy with sales and new spring season items coming in but because I would love for ye to get to know a little bit about our team and our store, I decided to write this blog post in case you didn’t know already, of course.

I felt that it would be good to introduce ourselves and also tell ye about the new items we are stocking at the moment and what you can look out for in this season.


First off I guess we can start with myself.


1. Name and how long working in O’Donnells?

Elaine Clogan and I am here for the last eight years although I did make my initial appearance in the shop at two days old!

2. What makes O Donnells stand out?

We are fashion crazy…..we love love love clothes and how they make us feel but more importantly how they make our customers feel. We stand out because we operate a friendly honest environment that our customers love. We are happiest when we make people happy. That feeling you get when you stand in front of the mirror and say “I LOVE IT” Its that joy that we hope every customer experiences when they come in to us.

3. Brands you carry?

The brands we carry are Elisa Cavaletti which is an Italian brand and she always has little quirky things about her clothes. Lily which is a youthful yet anyone can wear brand and is very easy to wash and dry. Isabel de Pedro which is a very tailored, sophisticated brand. Marc Aurel which is also tailored. Passport have a lot of great coloured items as well as amazing trousers. Maloka which have a lot of gorgeous light and airy linens. Taifun which have gorgeous basics and tailored items. Fee G, is new to us, and have gorgeous occasion dresses to suit everyone’s taste. We also have a great range of head pieces and accessories and it will finish an outfit. James Lakeland have gorgeous dresses to suit any occasion taht you might have coming up. Sonia Pena equally make stunning evening/occasion wear dresses and we have some amazing lace ones in right now.IMG_8971 IMG_8973 IMG_8969

4. What are you excited for this spring season?

I am excited about all the bright colours we have in the shop. Spring is also a great time for occasions and I really feel we have perfect dresses in stock to suit all.

5. Key trends for this season?

Colours are big this season as well as prints but black is still in, even if it’s not a full on black item it is incorporated into the coloured pieces which you will see in the shop.


6. What is your number one item you couldn’t live without?

I couldn’t live without my blazer, it’s so versatile I can pop it over a pair of jeans or dress and I always feel very finished. It can take you from day to night without having to think about it too much.

7. What can customers look forward to this season?

This season fashion seems to be going back to having a few pieces which you can incorporate into your own wardrobe. We are conscious of the importance of getting good value from your clothes and being able to pair your purchases with different items in your own wardrobe. This is essential to give them a new lease of life. We believe in getting good wear out of all your purchases.

We have Ann next.


1. Your name and how long you have been working at O’Donnells?

Ann O’Donnell, the business has been been 68 years opened originally by my parents. It has been ingrained in my bones since a child.

2. What makes O’Donnells stand out?

O’Donnell’s stands out because it has that fashion edge. It’s to the forefront of the fashion for the last century. The customers come from the whole of Ireland, grandmothers, mothers and daughters can be dressed in the one store in an afternoon. It’s concept is unique, we are passionate about our customers and passionate about fashion

3. What are you most looking forward to this season?

I love the cigarette end trousers by Lily. The feminine Lily tops hugely excite me and our Spanish designer Isabel de Pedro never fails to disappoint. I can’t let the season go by without mentioning the lovely lace tops by Elisa Cavaletti.

4. Key trends for this season?

I would have to say the ankle length trousers and the feminine shirt or blouse.

5. Number one item you couldn’t live without?

The number one item I couldn’t live without has to be a jacket, because it can enhance an outfit for an occasion, it looks well on the street and you can wear it indoors and you can transform it into an executive look should the need arise.

6. What can customers look forward to this season?

Customers can look forward to a  multitude of colour, innovative design, versatile clothing that can take you from day to evening.

And last but not least the gorgeous Valerie which I am sure ye all know.


1. Name and how long you have been working in O’Donnells?

I’m Valerie Conway and I have been working here for 6 years.

2. What makes O’Donnell’s stand out?

Our attention to detail, our keen eye, high end trends. But most importantly our customer service which I feel we excel in.

3. What are you most excited for this spring season?

I’m excited for the huge amount of colours and patterns which will appeal to a wide variety of people. I am looking forward to the sharp lines which I love wearing in Lily jackets and cigarette trousers which are still huge.

IMG_8961 IMG_8978

4. What are the key trends this spring season?

Lace is still very big, floral prints and a lovely ladylike feel through out.

5. What is your number one item you couldn’t live without?

My number one items are my Isabel de Pedro suit and red dress, I also love my Lily blouses.

6. What can customers look forward to this season?

A Kaleidoscope of colour, the colours this year surpass any other year and I think it’s going to be really exciting for anyone who comes in to O’Donnells

I hope you enjoyed and know a bit more about us. But let us know what are your favourite items this season and what could you not live without?


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