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Hi guys,

Deliveries are coming so quick this week and we are just falling in love with every piece as we take it out of the box! Autumn/Winter is going to be an amazing season for fashion!

We have received loads of casual bits but we wanted to focus on our occasion wear because they’re out of this world! (Make sure you follow us on Instagram: odonnellboutique and Snapchat: odonnellboutiqu to have sneak peeks of what’s inside the delivery boxes as they come in!)

Here’s some of what has come in! They will be online this weekend here!

IMG_9016 IMG_9024 IMG_9039 IMG_9074 IMG_9094 IMG_9113 IMG_9138 IMG_9165 IMG_9180 IMG_9201


Hi guys,

We wanted to let you know about those hot items that you are all loving and that are almost sold out! Sure, we wouldn’t want you to lose out on them would we now?!

You can shop them here with free shipping within Ireland!

We also deliver worldwide

IMG_8155 IMG_8086 IMG_8269 IMG_8282 IMG_7909 IMG_7927 IMG_7950IMG_8053 IMG_8473 IMG_8484 IMG_8501IMG_8663


OOTD | Work in Chic

Hey guys,

So I picked out this outfit because we all need a good work outfit that is comfortable yet chic and this is just that. I love this taupe top with speckles of shimmer on it. It adds that glamour to it and to make it even more glamorous I, again, wore the gorgeous Chanel inspired necklace.


I paired it with another pair of printed trouser as the top half is more plain I think these printed trousers are great to add a little more umph to the outfit. (They were so popular that we now only have a size 8 left!)


I love this outfit so much and the blazer again, adds a little interest to the outfit because of the cut out detail at the bottom. With this outfit it would be so easy to go out for dinner by just adding a silver or gold metallic heel.

IMG_6888 IMG_6887



So what do you think about this outfit? Would you wear it for work?


Smell the Spring Trends at O’Donnell Boutique

Hello everyone,

We have been feeling like the weather has let us down and we still don’t know where the weather has held Spring captive so we, at O’Donnell Boutique, decided to let you know that we have brought Spring to you.

We have checked out all the Spring/Summer trends and have selected a few that would go great with your current wardrobe, because we believe in buying something that you will get to wear again and again.

Mesh is big this season and we are happy because if we do get the hot weather (fingers crossed) we can wear it with a tank top and not feel too warm and also we can let the clothes we are wearing under, shine.



Collarless Coats of all different colours can be seen in our store and they are great for over dresses, skinny jeans and blouses as well as over any occasion dress. We have them in lemon, black and white, off white and white.



Button Downs have been seen on the catwalks for this season and we have loads of them. We have everything from just plain white to black, coral, white and luminous yellow, white with black and yellow etc etc.

IMG_9038 IMG_9037


Embelishments are seen on jumpers and tops and we have a lot sequined and embelished jumpers, t-shirts, dresses and blouses. They add that little glamour to an outfit.



Florals, surprise surprise, are still big this season and we have a lot of dresses with floral print on them as well as blouses and we have a stunning pair of Lily trousers with a gorgeous floral print. Florals always make everything feel like Spring.



Pastels, especially mint green, are again back and this time around there’s something about them that is making it special. We have gorgeous mint green blouses and dresses as well as blazers and we also have lilac, blush pink and turqouise and they are just so lovely to see.

IMG_9050 IMG_9047


Lace, is huge this season, and Burberry did it so well with their lace skirts and tops and we are so glad to have in a lot of lace. It adds a gentleness and femininity that, in my opinion, nothing else can. We have some stunning lace occasion wear which would be perfect for any wedding, communion or confirmation your going to or even a night out.

IMG_9055 IMG_9054


We would love to see you in the store and we would love to know what are your favourite trends this season and how you are going to incorporate it into your wardrobe.


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