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Back To Rock!

Hi guys,

Can you believe it’s already the 12th of October?! Where are the days going? Have you your Halloween costume sorted yet? We are thinking of going as a sophisticated witch with our amazing Nissa velvet number below..Buy the stunning dress here

IMG_5815 IMG_5827

What will you be this Halloween?

Rock ‘n’ Roll is very much in and it’s there for all ages to delve into. You can give your outfit an edge with a pair of jeans that have a bit of interest to them like these Marc Aurel textured black jeans. Pair it with a cream jumper to soften the look and a long wool coat and you have a cool sophisticated rock ‘n’ roll look.

IMG_6389 IMG_6410

Buy jeans here, buy cream jumper here, buy coat here

We love to hear your thoughts so do please comment below!


Hi guys,

Well with #nyfw day two under way we just couldn’t help but wish to be there on this miserable gloomy rainy day in Limerick. It literally hasn’t stopped raining today…so depressing!

We came up with this outfit which I think plays on the new season right now and the new season ahead.. #SS15 (I know…) It’s light enough and chic enough to be any season.

We love love love this outfit! (Shown here in two different colour variations)

IMG_6322 IMG_6344

City Chic Escape | AW15

Hi guys,

It’s time to update your wardrobe with these chic pieces for your inner city chic style!

Long woolly coats and wide trousers are your go to this season. Dress your outfit up with a hint of metallic.

Dress down a dress with a pair of boots, long coat and a grande fedora and away you go.

Shop online or in store! 061 415932

IMG_6130 IMG_6131 IMG_6132 IMG_6138 IMG_6160 IMG_6171 IMG_6178 IMG_6179 IMG_6182 IMG_6203 IMG_6205 IMG_6207 IMG_6208 IMG_6220 IMG_6221 IMG_6222 IMG_6227 IMG_6231 IMG_6119 IMG_6123 IMG_6125 IMG_6126 IMG_6127 IMG_6128

AW ’15/’16 Campaign | O’Donnell Boutique

IMG_5773 IMG_5769 IMG_5750 IMG_5745 IMG_5782 IMG_5778 IMG_5805 IMG_5800 IMG_5791 IMG_5826 IMG_5827 IMG_5815 IMG_5849 IMG_5850

Photos and video shot by Ana Elizabeth Aguila


A Day At The Races

Find your perfect outfit with us! Shop online or in store! Get races ready and shine bright on the day!

A day at the races

Fee G AW15 Preview

Hi guys,

We have a surprise for you…you may already know what it is from the title.

Some Fee G has arrived in store and we decided to share with you their campaign photos and give you a sneak peek of what is in already and what might be coming in!

FEEGAWJuly15IMG_9954010 (Small)

Top and skirt now in store

FEEGAWJuly15IMG_0105002 (Small)

Dress now in store

FEEGAWJuly15IMG_0166003 (Small)

Dress now in store

FEEGAWJuly15IMG_0268004 (Small)

Dress now in store with jacket

FEEGAWJuly15IMG_9898009 (Small)

Dress now in store and selling out fast (SOLD OUT!!)

FEEGAWJuly15IMG_0003001 (Small) FEEGAWJuly15IMG_9696005 (Small) FEEGAWJuly15IMG_9787006 (Small) FEEGAWJuly15IMG_9834007 (Small) FEEGAWJuly15IMG_9849008 (Small)

Photos provided by Fee G

Let us know if you would like any of these and call us on 061 415932 They will be available to buy online soon!

Sneak Peek AW 15/16

If you love Marc Aurel..you will love it even more! Watch this space!

150310_marcaurel_image1_084_2600x1500px 150310_marcaurel_image2_044_2600x1500px 150310_marcaurel_image3_063_2600x1500px 150310_marcaurel_image4_050_2600x1500px 150310_marcaurel_image5_068_2600x1500px 150310_marcaurel_image6_095_2600x1500px 150310_marcaurel_image7_059_2600x1500px 150310_marcaurel_image8_051_2600x1500px 150310_marcaurel_image9_040_2600x1500px 150310_marcaurel_image10_076_2600x1500px 150310_marcaurel_image11_011_2600x1500px 150310_marcaurel_image12_056_2600x1500px 150310_marcaurel_image13_027_2600x1500px 150310_marcaurel_image14_059_2600x1500px

Blue For You

Blue For You

Taifun Pre-Fall 15

Hi guys,

We are excited to show you what we have received in store! It’s an amazing selection from Taifun and they are great transitional pieces which you could wear right now!


The colours are muted but that reflects what is coming in for this new season and we can’t wait!


We are absolutely in love with what we have received so far and you can shop these pieces online right now with free shipping within Ireland! There’s no minimum spend which is good 🙂 Let us know what you think.

IMG_5345 IMG_5353 IMG_5358 IMG_5371 IMG_5375 IMG_5379 IMG_5385 IMG_5389 IMG_5393 IMG_5397 IMG_5402 IMG_5408 IMG_5412 IMG_5423

Fashion Week | PFW

Hey guys,

Last but certainly not least is the amazing Paris Fashion Week! We are in LOVE with everything that comes out of there. I guess you could say that we all wait to see what is shown at PFW more than any other? Or am I too bold in saying that?

Anyways here are our faves.

Miu Miu

Louis Vuitton



Saint Laurent

Stella McCartney


Emanuel Ungaro

Isabel Marant

What do you all think of our faves? Which were your favourites?

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